Find Game Number

You do not know how to find FreeCell game number that you are playing? This page can help you in case your game number is between 1 and 10 million and your app uses the Microsoft (MS) shuffle algorithm that is used by many FreeCell programs besides MS. For example, the mobilityware(TM) mobile application for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). You need to know just 8 cards from logically bottom row of your deal (visually top row at the screen).

Fill the text field below by card ranks from visually top row at the screen of your FreeCell game starting from the first left card.
All possible card ranks: 23456789TJQKA
Then press the "Find Deal" button. Check whether the found deal is the same as your deal.

e.g. J29J5775

Find Deal

Note for Microsoft Solitaire Collection:
In the case of a RANDOM deck, the cards are shuffled by an unknown algorithm. In other cases (Expert and so on), look for the game here


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