Standard Notation

An example of understanding the solution in standard notation (for game 10913)

26 76 72 72 5a 27 57 67 1b 61
41 4h 4h 41 45 34 3c 6d 5b

a, b, c, d - free cells,
1, 2 .. 8 - columns,
h - home cell

1st move: 26 : move the cards from the 2nd column to the 6th column.
5th move = 5a : move a card from the 5th column to the 1st free cell.
12th move = 4h : move a card from the 4th column to the home cell.

All moves to empty columns are column moves rather than single card moves.

P.S. Many other sites are also using this most popular notation.


Starting from the Vista version of Windows the standard MS FreeCell program uses "SuperMove" for moving more cards to empty column at once. Because of "SuperMove" approximately 4% of the solutions on this site have two versions: one version with "SuperMove" (for Windows Vista/7/8) and the second version without "SuperMove" (for Windows XP and older versions).

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